CCTV Camera Mainboard,Security Camera Lens,Surveillance Camera Light,Housing


1.Camera Mainboard,The camera Mainboard can be customized in size and shape

A,Custom sizes from 23 * 23 to 38 * 38

B,Customize the PCB shape according to the shell


2. Camera Lens,Select various specifications of camera lenses according to different scenes to achieve the best display.

A.1.8mm Fisheye Lens,

B.2.1mm ,2.5mm ,2.8mm Board Lens

C,6-22mm Varifocal Lens,

D,5-50mm Varifocal Lens,

E . The following figure is a simple test diagram of camera field angle



3. Camera Aux LED

A.You can customize LEDs of different wavelengths

B. Customize the LED PCB shape according to the shell

4. Camera Housing Customize




5.Camera special function expansion

A. AC24 & DC 12V Daul Power Supply

B.Heater and Fan


D.Explosion proof shield

E.Stainless steel bracket

F.Deep waterproof



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