DVR/NVR can't find the HDD
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  • Jimmy at
  • March 20, 2017

DVR/NVR Can't find the HDD 

If the DVR/NVR can't find the HDD . the reason maybe as below.
1.  DVR/NVR  not support connect& disconnect HDD when the power on .  You must to power off , connect the HDD . Then Power ON
2.  Check if the HDD already power on .  if the SATA cable connect correct .   
Way :  When power on . put hand on to the HDD to test it the HDD working(vibrate), if no vibrate . means the HDD no power in .
Pls change the 1 cable to test it . 
Also change the SATA Cable to test it .

3. To check if the Power Adapter working or enough .
if can works in 1TB . can't working 2TB or 3TB .  change to 5A Power to test it .
4. Check if the HDD Broken or not .
5. Usually the DVR support WD (Westdigital brand)  If use the other brand . It maybe not compatibility well  
6. Default the DVR and upgrade it in new FW.
7. if all no working . Please contact our technician.